Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Study Shows Online Targeting Grows In-Store Sales

Premium online advertising can drive brick-and-mortar sales by both increasing brand loyalty and gaining new customers from competitors,” says cofounder of Legolas Media.

Demonstrating the power of highly-targeted, online advertising to drive brick-and-mortar sales, a massive multi-brand study has found consumers targeted via premium Websites resulted in an 18% in-store sales lift versus non-targeted shoppers.
Conducted by consumer and market intelligence firm SymphonyIRI Group Inc. and audience marketplace developer Legolas Media, the study involved three consumer package goods (CPG) brands, each delivering 50 million rich media and banner impressions during a three-month period.
Testing multiple ad campaign strategies, SymphonyIRI and Legolas found targeting based on a consumer’s prior purchase history to be the most effective ad strategy.  Consumers who were regular users of a brand resulted in more than a 48% in-store sales lift, with a 23% lift for buyers of competitive brands.  Other strategies tested included hyperlocal, demographic, and psychographic targeting.

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