Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Understanding The True Reach Of Pinterest

Pinterest became the social media’s new golden child earlier this year when marketers learned that it drives more web traffic than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined. Yet despite recent studies showing that referral traffic from the channel is decreasing, it’s still a big hitter in the social space. As B2B publishers we haven’t seen the same surge in traffic as others have, but for many others the impact is very real. Now marketers, publishers and community managers are asking, how do we track our content? How do we measure up to other sites? Are people really seeing our content if it’s not driving traffic? And most importantly, will this platform drive revenue?

Pinterest Boards – It’s Not Just About The Brand

Like many other branded accounts, many of our boards have more followers than the brand itself. It’s an unusual twist to the typical “follower” measurement social media professionals are accustomed to, especially when determining reach.  If you have many boards, compiling just the follower counts for each one would be a tedious but necessary process. Below is a list of all of SEL’s boards and the number of followers each one. From here, you can drill down to the detail of content activity for each board. Not too surprisingly, our most popular board strictly in terms of followers is the SEO board. Although the SEM/PPC has about the same number of pins and followers as the SEO board, when you compare the ratio of repins to pins, it doesn’t drive nearly the amount of engagement as SEO.
(Unfortunately, collaborative boards are not showing up on this list yet, we offered this feedback. The Curalate team is working on it.)
Curalate Pinterest Board Data
Digging deeper into the SEO board, we can see the top content for that board from the past thirty days. Each thumbnail is clickable within Curalate so you can see the source.  We share our own content as well as others’, so getting a sense of what resonates visually is valuable feedback. You can also break it down to how the content performs from our own boards, as well as community-wide throughout Pinterest.

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