Thursday, June 7, 2012

Are Facebook ads of any use: A Study

According to a Reuters/Ipsos online poll about Facebook usage it was revealed that 4 out of 5 users saying they’ve never made a purchase because of a Facebook ad or comment. Ad, sure. Comment, worries me. For marketers, Facebook is all about sharing and word of mouth. I understand a person’s reluctance to click on those badly designed ads in the sidebar. But I sure am hoping they’ll follow through when their friend says they enjoy the product I’m selling.
In the interest of fairness, the journalist who wrote the article for Reuters asked Facebook to comment. They declined but pointed them to case studies that showed a big return on investment.
Counter that with General Motors, who recently pulled their 10 million ad budget. They’ll continue running Facebook Pages though, because those are free. Which brings up an interesting point. What if Facebook made big companies pay for their Pages? They are giant ads, after all. If GM wanted to put a full-page ad on any other high-profile website, it would cost them plenty.

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