Thursday, June 14, 2012

Brands making good use of Pinterest

Pinterest has come from nowhere to become one of the biggest social networks in the US, though its popularity in the UK has so far failed to live up to the hype.
Even so, brands can't afford to ignore it, as anecdotal evidence suggests that Pinterest drives more sales than Facebook.
We've previously looked at some ways to use Pinterest as a brand, and the A-Z of Pinteresting brands, and here are six more brands that are experimenting in interesting ways with the social network.
They aren't necessarily those with the most followers, but are good examples of brands using Pinterest to try and engage with their consumers.
And I also included two that need to put in a bit more effort...


The Swedish furniture store has 15 pinboards, including product ideas and a ‘pin it to win it’ competition. It uses great-looking images to link to individual items or collections of products for different rooms.
Some of the images also include price information so it essentially acts as an extension of its catalogue. One of its more unusual boards is for its True Blue product range that is inspired by Indian Culture.
The images are very striking but it doesn’t appear to link to its homepage, which is a missed opportunity.


The clothing brand’s 16 pinboards have clocked up 1,362 followers.
As with IKEA, it essentially uses Pinterest as an extension of its catalogue by using high quality images back to its e-commerce site.
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