Saturday, June 16, 2012

Calls to Action Inspire Action

What makes someone click the call to action (CTA) in your email? Maybe it’s the time of day, their mood, weather. Maybe their finger twitched and hit the mouse.

Whatever the weather or time of day, you can boost the chances of getting your CTA getting clicked.

Let’s check out three examples of emails that got it right.

Example #1

The above example is about as close to a perfect email as I’ve seen (based on both personal preference and proven performance). Let’s dig a little deeper…
Subject Line
  • Falls under the “50 characters or fewer” rule
  • Tells you exactly what you are getting
  • Mirrors the opening of the email content, keeping it fresh in your mind
  • Short, concise, and neatly organized
  • Small image to the right reinforces the download
  • Offers three CTAs to grab your attention wherever you look
CTA#1 (This CTA pulled 50% of the clicks.)
  • Falls right below what you were just reading
  • Contrasting color
  • Is bolded, so it stands out
  • Explains exactly what will happen when you click
  • Arguably the most important CTA and location

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