Friday, June 29, 2012

Every Decision Begins and Ends With the Shopper

It is now the shopper that it is in control in the CPG marketplace.  She has taken control from the retailer and the manufacturers. To excel in this new CPG world, marketers must make the choice to organize, lead and manage the business from a foundation of their shoppers, giving the organization’s “shopper” assets equal billing to its “product” and “store” assets.  Only then will marketers be able to connect with those shoppers that make the highest percentage contribution to the business or product group, and activate these shoppers with highly personalized messages.

All shoppers are not created equal.  Some shoppers are worth more, and everyone learns about, prepares for, purchases and consumes CPG products differently. Classifying shoppers into segmentations based upon economic and digital influencers provides in-depth insights into consumer behaviors across all tracked categories and brands.


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