Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Every Marketing Decision Begins & Ends With The Shopper

The most amazing products, with incredible advertising, in an impeccable store with the perfect assortment are nothing without one critical factor: shoppers. And, today‟s shoppers are more unique, demanding and more in control than ever before. They make individual decisions about what they will buy, how much they will pay for it and where they will go to get it—despite efforts made by marketers to persuade shoppers where to shop and what to buy. The shopper is in control!

To best grasp the shopper marketing transformation, it is critical to understand the changes in the marketplace that are driving the evolution from product-focused business philosophies to shopper-focused strategies. The combination of a vast brick-and-mortar retail space and innumerable Internet-based sites means shoppers have more choices of where and how to shop than ever before. Thanks to incredible growth in instant, easily accessible digital, social and mobile communication platforms, shoppers can spend just a few minutes online to gather information to make smarter choices at home, on-the-go and in the store that has fundamentally changed how shoppers interact with companies, products, services and stores.

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