Thursday, June 21, 2012

Five Must-Have Traits of SEO-Friendly Content

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Two major algorithm updates from Google focus on improving the quality of search results. With several data refreshes throughout the year, Penguin and Panda have impacted countless websites. Unfortunately, not all of them were affected positively.

Countless discussions are taking place regarding how to get rid of the penalties imposed by the “2Ps” or how to avoid getting sucked in when the next wave of these algorithms hit the shore.

Taking into account Google’s guidelines and changes made in the last 15 months, I consider the following five attributes extremely important for quality SEO-friendly content. (Keep in mind that these might not be possible, practical, or even appropriate for every piece of content.)

1. Fresh

Add updates to content, where possible, with the new date stamps.

2. Original
Create original content. 

3. Comprehensive
When delivering information to your target audience, you’re better off erring on the side of more content rather than less content. 

4. Authoritative
There really aren’t too many shortcuts to creating “authoritative” content. 

5. Local

An increasingly local or geographical bias exists in search results. 

Therefore, depending on your specific target geography, incorporate appropriate geo-signals in your content, whether by referring to the location in your content; including the city, state, and country in the date stamp; or linking internally to other pages pertinent to your targeted location.

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