Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Google’s Hunt for the Elusive SMB Market Continues

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Idea of the SMB being an elusive entity especially for the likes of Google is simple truth. 

Maybe it’s because the definition of the SMB is something that needs to be changed. As was pointed out by Greg Sterling of Search Engine Land. 
Why are SMBs so important? Beyond the fact that they represent billions of additional dollars in potential ad revenues in the aggregate, more than 95 percent of businesses in the US qualify as “small businesses” (under 99 head count).
The overwhelming majority of SMB have fewer than four employees. These very small businesses have been extremely difficult for Google to reach efficiently “at scale.”
It’s the last point that everyone seems to gloss over because it is the most difficult to deal with and accept. You see, most SMB’s are microscopic as businesses. To classify a company with 90 employees in the same category as one with 4 employees is convenient but borderline stupid. With 90 people there are systems and processes and budgets. With 4 people there is doing whatever it takes to survive. That often means ignoring the very things a company like Google wants to supply to them through their “Business Builder” program.

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