Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kraft Brands Dominate Facebook in Global Markets

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Did you know that only 17 percent of Facebook members reside in the United States? That means that consumer goods marketers must move their digital marketing efforts into global markets to capture the other 83 percent. 

In its analysis of global Facebook brand engagement data, Socialbakers highlights the social network's exploding international reach and how the world's biggest brands are tapping into the social economy to build international momentum. The data measure brand engagement in the top 10 countries with the largest Facebook user base. Here is what that analysis found:

Top 10 Countries (ranked by number of Facebook users):

United States: 157 million users

Brazil: 47 million users
India: 46 million users

Indonesia: 42 million users
Mexico: 33 million users

United Kingdom: 31 million users

Turkey: 31 million users

Philippines: 27 million users

France: 24 million users

Germany: 24 million users

Top Global Brands (ranked by number of Facebook fans):

Coca-Cola: 42 million fans

Starbucks: 30 million fans
Converse: 30 million fans
Red Bull: 28 million fans/
Oreo: 26 million fans

Kraft Tops the List of Fastest Moving Brands
Three of the top five Fastest Moving Global Brands come from the Kraft family. The company's Halls, Trident and Chiclets lines made major gains over the past year, boosted by strong audience engagement in Brazil (the second-largest Facebook audience). L'Oreal Paris Brazil and AXE Indonesia (Unilever) round out the top five.

Consumer Goods Win Big Around the World

Consumer packaged goods have emerged as industry leaders on the global scale, with half of the Top 10 Fastest Movers falling into this category. CPGs also dominate in key growth markets. In Brazil, the most engaged brands are L'Oreal Paris and Trident, and in the United Kingdom, Cadbury Creme Egg and Cadbury Wispa rank in the top two. In France, M&Ms boasts the highest engagement rate of any brand in the nation.

Fan Engagement Highest Among Emerging Markets

It's no surprise that, among the top 10 brands, the overwhelming majority of Facebook fans hail from the United States. However, fans in emerging markets are much more actively engaged — a metric that proves to be very valuable in gaining international traction. Indonesia, Mexico and the Philippines rank in the top three in Engagement Rate. Meanwhile, four of the top five Fastest Moving Brands saw their biggest gains in the booming market of Brazil.


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