Sunday, June 3, 2012

Marketers React To News Of Upcoming Google Shopping With Hope And Concern

A few days after Google upended the ecommerce marketing world with the announcement of upcoming changes to what will now be called Google Shopping, many retailers and marketers we spoke with are positive about the switch, though there are definitely some serious concerns.


Cindy Starr, VP of external marketing at VistaPrint, a printing company with more than 65,000 products in its merchant feed, says the free Google Product search has been a fantastic source of business, and she believes Google Shopping could perform even better.

"Replacing Google Product Search with PLA [Product Listing Ads] allows us the opportunity to compete against the large players in categories that we believe we provide a better assortment or experience in, and back off on the ones that we don't through adjusting our bidding strategies." "Google has done a lot to monetize the top portion of the search results for retail listings, that quite frankly the page has become littered with product listings, product extensions, shopping results, and a few regular organic listings, that it's really hard for a retailer to stand out," said Laura Thieme, CEO of Bizwatch Search Analytics.

"Companies that relied on Google Shopping for a significant portion of their online revenue stream now face a daunting challenge of re-assessing their entire marketing mix, and seeing how reduced margins from sales in Google Shopping fit in," said Brian Lewis, VP at Engine Ready.

Merchants need time to update their platform and coding requirements, and as a result, pricing and new requirements launched after September first, may not give retailers adequate time to respond to the changes in time for holiday shoppers," said Thieme.

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