Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mobile is dead. Long live mobility.

This trend refers to the fact that mobile has become so critical to consumer behavior that it has progressed beyond being a "feature;" it is now a necessity for all hardware devices and services. This is clearly the case for tablets and smart phones but it also applies to cars, household appliances and even CPG retail merchandise.

This trend goes beyond devices and extends to "the cloud," a general term describing content and software that no longer needs to reside locally on a device but can instead be accessed through the internet. Using the cloud, any device can acquire intelligence in order to personalize a user's experience based on context. With GPS, contextual relevance also refers to the exact place on the planet where the consumer is pulling down content. The SoLoMo fusion opens up new sorts of use cases that are native to mobile devices.

It is no longer acceptable for campaigns to have a mobile section on the flowchart that only gets funded after other activities. Understanding consumer mobility and designing communications that reside throughout those movements must be core to campaign development. 

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