Sunday, June 10, 2012

Need to Go Mobile? IAB Has a New Online App That Can Help

“By 2013, more people will use mobile phones than PCs to get online.”
Think that fact is freaky? How about this?
“19% of kids aged two-to-five know how to play with a smartphone application…but only 9% can tie their shoes.”
Mobile’s not going away. It’s rapidly becoming as common as the TV and the microwave.
And here’s one last truly wild fact, in India, more people have cell phones than toilets.
The IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) knows that going mobile is vital to the success of any small business and they have a new web app that can help you get started. ‘
The project is called “Tap into Mobile.” Get it? Tap, like the action you use to trigger a smartphone response, but also like when you tap into something. . . . clever, huh?
It begins with a look in the mirror. Type in your URL and get a preview of what your site looks like on a smartphone. Then choose the category that best represents your goal. Is your site selling content? Is it an online store? Is it all about branding?
From there, you’ll get a series of questions designed to make you think about your design. Click through and the app delivers a short list of bullet points related to your success. It measures load time, looks at how graphics load and evaluates your navigation.
Here’s the caveat. The answers you get depend very much on whether you honestly check the yes or no boxes on the earlier page, so you’re actually evaluating your own app. Still, it’s a valuable experience because it does force you to look at things you may not have considered.
If your site isn’t up to snuff, the IAB has a list of site designers that you can hire. They also include a simple, but informative best practices list and a couple of case studies.
Tap Into Mobile isn’t a magic tool that will solve your mobile problems. It’s the opposite. It’s going to point out problems you didn’t know you had. Not fun, but necessary. It’s time you got a handle on mobile and that starts with making sure that your internet site functions properly when accessed by a smartphone or tablet. For some of you, that’s a tall order.
Visit IAB’s Tab Into Mobile today and get started.

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