Saturday, June 30, 2012

P&G Uses Downstream Data to Boost On-Shelf Availability

Focusing on store-level data for large retailers enables consumer goods (CG) companies to maintain a competitive foothold on the foundational capabilities needed to win in modern retail. One such CG giant that is leveraging downstream data to build more effective retailer partnerships is the Procter & Gamble Company (P&G).

Michelle M. Tower, associate director, Global Store & Shopper Based Solutions, Global Business Services for P&G, revealed how the company is leveraging downstream data to:

• Focus on out-of-stock scenarios through better detection techniques and address these incidents with alerts; 
• Identify trends within out of stocks and fix the problem at the root with the retailer; and 
• Measure on-shelf availability with a ~2 percent improvement from better execution in store. 

-- As a member of P&G’s Retailer Connect Program, part of the Global Business Services Business Unit pillar, Michelle Tower discussed how on-shelf availability is a well-known industry issue for both retailers and manufacturers. “Ensuring we have the right product on the shelf at the right times is becoming a greater challenge to manage in a world of more events and complex supply chains,” she said. Tower shared how P&G is working with its retail partners to help improve one of those capabilities — the shelf replenishment process — by using POS data to identify out of stock/zero sales incidents and then act in store to fix those opportunities and drive sales. Tower closed by exploring a couple of case studies in which P&G has leveraged downstream data to drive better execution in store and grow its business. 


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