Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pinterest Functionality Significantly Increases Email Open and Click Rates

Social media and email are like brothers. One is flashy and exciting and gets all the attention, while the other gets the job done with little fanfare or praise. I’m guessing you can figure which one is which.
Pinterest mailings had an 11% higher open rate and 25% higher click rate than regular email campaigns.
Email is personal, direct and usually more text than graphical. Pinterest is global, social, and entirely graphical. By combining them, consumers feel like they’re sharing a secret and who doesn’t love doing that. A company sends me a private message about an exciting new item, I, in turn, want to share that with the world because it ups my social credibility. Plus, people love to click on things. Seriously, if you walked by a real world button that said “click me,” you would, right?
As far as Pinterest goes, it’s not the solution for every brand, but it’s the perfect combo for home decor, fashion, food, and crafts.

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