Sunday, June 10, 2012

Showrooming is nothing new.

Joy Liuzzo, President of Wave Collapse LLC writes that roughly a third of smartphone owners told them that they use apps while they are in a physical store to help them shop.  This is a significant portion of the smartphone population, but it’s by no means an indication that a widespread, overwhelming majority of people are using apps in-store to help them shop.

Joy suggests that we take a look at what makes this group especially interesting to retailers: their intent.

Folks that use mobile apps in-store are more likely to purchase products across all mediums (in-store, online, mobile website, mobile app, tablet website, tablet app) in an average week than consumers who own smartphones but do not use apps in-store.  Put simply, they are tech savvy and flow across devices, platforms, and physical locations to get their shopping done.

In-store app users are also more likely to browse in a physical store and purchase in a digital (online, mobile, tablet) environment.  In other words, in-store app users are die-hard ‘shoppers’.  They enjoy the shopping experience regardless of how they choose to shop. Put simply, this customer segment has a completely different mindset from people who are not in-store app users.

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Logan Lewis said...

Still, it still seems like an important thing to note, especially for marketers aiming to score higher conversion rates. Besides, maybe the number of people using apps in-store will rise sharply in a few years, considering how it is becoming easier to gain access to smartphones.