Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Smartphones will Influence $689 Billion in Retail Store Sales by 2016

Smartphones currently influence 5.1 percent of annual retail store sales, translating into $159 billion in forecasted sales for 2012, according to new Deloitte research. For the first time in the industry, the in-depth study measures the “mobile influence factor,” or impact of smartphones on in-stores sales. 

The mobile influence factor captures the in-store sales driven by consumers’ store-related smartphone activity such as product research, price comparison or other mobile application use. 

Deloitte anticipates mobile’s influence, based on consumers’ smartphone use, will grow to represent 19 percent of total store sales by 2016, amounting to $689 billion in mobile-influenced sales. By comparison, direct mobile commerce sales will pass the $30 billion mark by that time, according to industry estimates.

Read a brief here or for more information about the mobile influence factor, including additional survey findings and methodology, please visit: The Dawn of Mobile Influence: Discovering the value of mobile in retail.

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