Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Social Shopping Apps Aim to Bridge the F-commerce Gap for Internet Retailers

For every article that proclaims F-commerce a flop, another seems to point to successes on the part of smaller businesses finding and connecting with consumers who are ready to buy directly through 

The first generation of F-commerce was established brands simply taking an online store and duplicating it within the Facebook platform. At Glimpse, a new social shopping app by TheFind.com, they see things differently – and that’s the key to the next generation of F-commerce, says Director of Corporate Communications Usher Liebermann.

Glimpse Social Shopping App Bands Together Disparate Data Sets

TheFind believe they have crawled every one of the 500,000 or so e-commerce websites in North America.
“There are about 500 million products for sale and about 100 million (1 in 5) have a Like button next to them. Only about 3 million of those have ever had a Like,” Liebermann told Search Engine Watch. “We see a lot of value in the data of knowing what someone has Liked. Once they give permission, we can see the products they Like, the stores and brands they Like, and the stores, brands and products their friends like.”
This is important, as it fills in the gaps in data collected by Facebook and by retailers themselves, he said. In marrying their crawl data with Facebook’s Open Graph, Glimpse actually has more knowledge of any given product than Facebook does. On the other hand, they can also access more Open Graph data about the buzz around that product, and actually put it to use, than the retailer.

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