Monday, June 25, 2012

The State of Marketing Hinges on the Relationship Between CMO and CIO

IBM has been examining the state of marketing an the result is their new study called, fittingly enough, ‘The State of Marketing 2012‘. This information combined with a study that was done back in November of 2011 makes it clear that in order for CMO’s and CIO’s to succeed moving forward their needs to be an unprecedented air of cooperation. The chart below shows just how reliant CMO’s are on technology of all sorts
The most important area where this marriage of marketing and tech forces in an organization could mean the difference between success and failure in the very near future is the emerging mobile space. Lee stated that in the November report 65% of the respondents felt they were underprepared for mobile efforts. In the June survey only 41% feel they are keeping pace in the mobile space. Lee also cautioned that often these numbers can skew because no one really likes to admit they are not ready. In other words, that 41% number could be a little high. Here is another chart showing this condition.
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