Saturday, June 30, 2012

The State of Mobile Commerce: How Facebook Is Losing The Retail War.

As more online shopping moves to mobile and tablet devices, PCs are the obvious losers in the e-commerce wars.

But Facebook, which once also dominated social media referrals into e-retailers, is losing share too.

About 67 million iPads have been sold since the device was launched. Apple now claims it sells more iPads than any other PC—and that's having a profound impact on e-commerce and social commerce retailers.

"Desktop and laptop usage is being replaced by tablet browsing," according to a new report by Monetate, the e-commerce customization company. "At the current rate, website traffic from PC users will dip below 75% in less than one year."

Until very recently, nearly 100 percent of shoppers arriving at retailers' web sites did so on a PC.

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