Thursday, June 7, 2012

Study Shows Video Adds Significant Boost to Mobile Ad Engagement

A study found that mobile rich media ads that include video have an average of 35% higher Engagement Rate. Nice. They also found that adding any kind of interactive element to a mobile ad could increase time spent to over 1 minute.
That’s 60 full seconds of attention devoted to a single ad. And not just, “I’m sitting here waiting for this to end” attention, but actual engagement.
Medialets says the click-through rate on mobile rich media ads “averages above 1%, significantly higher than online averages.”
Overall, Medialets found that about 30% of tablet ads contain video. On smartphones, only 12%. The top users come from entertainment where 70% of the ads contain video.
Lesson to be learned: Interactivity breeds engagement and engagement leads to awareness and sales. How are you engaging your customers?

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