Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tablets and Video Are A Good Fit

The latest findings from comScore’s TabLens service (press release can be found here)are likely to confirm what many already suspect or can say that they know. Tablet users really like video. What we may not have known is just how willing they are to pay for video content.
First, a quick glance at the results. Tablet usage is certainly gaining momentum. No surprise there but when you see numbers it becomes that much more real.
While it’s important to know that tablets are becoming a ‘go to’ for many (and that many appear to be older and wealthier according to comScore’s findings), it’s just as important to know just how they use it. It looks like video gets a pretty strong amount of play with these folks (pun intended if you so desire).
Once again there is no real surprise that tablet users like video. There is new evidence pointing to just how much video is consumed on much smaller smartphone screens so this kind of use of a larger screen (comScore defines tablets as screens being 7 inches and larger) makes sense. Also, if your owners of of tablets skew a bit older there is a logical reason for video being so popular; it’s just easier to see on a bigger screen. Maybe tablets are the Internet’s version of large print books?
As marketers these trends are certainly noteworthy. The Internet is so crowded and noisy that there appears to be a movement toward making content as palatable as possible and since a picture is supposedly worth a thousand words, well, you can see where this is headed.

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