Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tablets To Be Used By Over 20% this year

Tablets are so entrenched that Microsoft is even rumored to be getting into the tablet game. Some may take that kind of revelation as a signal that the tablet market is dying since Microsoft isn’t exactly the model of cutting edge success in the gadget space (remember Zune?). But I digress.
Here are some statistics though that help frame the growth of the tablet and mobile Internet space. It comes from a study completed by eMarketer just this month.
Roughly one in five using tablets in the US? Sure, why not? What is happening is that it is a certain class / type of person that is living this kind of tech existence. That’s not a problem or a worry but it is an important fact to marketers because their demographic may not be tablet material. As a result, this kind of information, while interesting, is not as critical to everyone as some might trumpet.
Now to the information that every marketer (or at least online retailers) want to know. That is if these tablet users shop using their gadgets. According to a study done earlier in the year for Zmags the answer is yes.
The eMarketer article also mentions how the actual tablet experience is more personal because of how it is held and the tactile experience. That makes sense but will it make you buy more? You can draw your own conclusions on that one.

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