Monday, June 11, 2012

Understanding online customer experience: four key trends

Mobile is becoming a focal point as companies invest more time in understanding the multichannel customer experience, according to research published today. 
The second annual Reducing Customer Struggle report, published by Econsultancy in association with Tealeaf, looks in detail at the extent to which companies understand the overall online customer experience across online and offline channels and the approaches or types of technology they use to identify and address issues.
The reseach has found that companies still have a limited understanding of the mobile user experience. 
The study is based on a global online survey of almost 500 business professionals working for companies involved in e-commerce and online business. The survey was conducted in March and April of this year. Here's an overview of some of the key trends we found from this year's research. 

More companies are looking at why things are happening, not just what is happening

Marketers are increasingly using a wide variety of methods to identify customer experience issues and reduce the impact on the customer. 
The following methods are seen as the most effective:
  • Information contained in customer emails (43%)
  • Calls to the customer service teams (45%)
  • Online feedback tools (35%)
  • Usability testing/ heatmaps (40%)  
  • Digital experience (session) replay (57%)
It isn't just about the value of one method over another, instead the focus should be on finding the right blend and approach to identify and learn from issues. 
For example, issues may be uncovered via comments left by users on social media sites, and then investigated and understood using session replay. 
Methods used for discovering problems or issues with the online customer experience

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