Friday, June 1, 2012

What is Big Data

This is where social and big data are starting to impact the traditional orgs in a disproportionate way: leading retailers (think Amazon, and increasingly, WalMart) are starting to crunch big data in real time and embedding social signals in their merchandizing and sales process and reap disproportionate viz-a-viz more traditional retailers.
Big Data is not about big volume factors such as velocity (how fast the data is coming and how quickly one can crunch them think of 200 million+ tweets a day), variety (text, image, video, audio), and variability are critical dimensions of big data and make the use of it more interesting.

Example: when a retailer combines customer CRM data with social graph data, it may be able to identify the "key influencers" (people who are evangelists or considered experts on certain products, like a camera) among its customers and use them for creating awareness and buzz about a new product being launched.

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