Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What Marketers Leave Out of Social Marketing : A Study

Brand marketers always talk about the need to measure results more effectively. I, like you, am getting tired of the same cry especially when you see the results of a study performed by comScore (The Power of Like 2: How Social Marketing Works) regarding the effectiveness of Facebook advertising and social marketing as a whole.
The findings essentially take a look at the middle section of the following chart which shows the steps some brand marketers are skipping then scratching their heads wondering why just measuring number of Likes isn’t an effective measure of Facebook marketing success.
It’s fair to say you can take these results and apply to other forms of social marketing as well.
What this shows is that social marketing, in general, is just hard work. It’s pretty straight-forward. Most people, not just marketers and the folks they report to, look for a silver bullet like quick fix to situations. The resulting ‘fixes’ are then a mess and it only gets worse from there.
While this seems like a tired old record already it deserves repeating; social marketing requires significant work along with investments of time, talent and money. Rinse and repeat.
So what’s the point here? It’s to help wake up those who believe that original and horribly wrong message that the social media world trumpeted from the mountaintops in the early days, which is that social media is free and everyone can do it. That’s salesmanship not reality.

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