Friday, June 8, 2012

Why Shoppers Love Online Most of the Time

Nielsen published a simple chart today that defines how consumers feel about in-store, online, and mobile shopping.
What’s exciting to see, is that online shopping came out on top, beating the other two in three out of five categories.
Take a look at the chart and then we’ll talk.
Let’s work backwards starting with Safest. No surprise that mobile barely registers on the safe scale, but I’m surprised by how low online is as compared to in-store. It appears that people still worry about sending their credit card information into the great beyond, but they’re not afraid to hand their card over to a store. I’ve had my credit card information stolen only once and it happened when thieves siphoned off the data from my local grocery store.
Because people are so worried about safety, I believe that most internet sellers go above and beyond to protect data but do you really know what happens to your credit card when you hand it to a waitress and she walks off with it?

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