Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Banner Ads Give Way to Rich Media as Mobile Monetization Continues to Climb

A year ago, it was social media marketing that was growing and changing right before our hours. Now that the dust has settled somewhat, it’s mobile’s turn.
The State of Mobile Advertising report from Opera shows big changes in a short period of time as advertisers learn to take advantage of the mobile landscape.
Opera cataloged the ad types on their network comparing January of this year to June. Take a look:
In six short months, expandable banner ads decreased by half and video more than doubled. The big news is in HTML5 Rich Media ads, which are slowly taking over mobile advertising. These are the ads that feature video, slideshows, music, and interactive elements. This is good because interactivity equals engagement and that equals more time spent with your brand.
How much more time? They have a colorful graphic for that, too:

Dwell time & interaction rates

Look at the amazing interaction rate on video. More than half of the people who clicked through a mobile video ad completed the interaction. What’s even crazier is the dwell time on an interactive photo element, just short of a minute and a half. My interpretation of this are those ads that allow you to put yourself into a branded setting. The new movie TEDrecently used an app like that where you could put Ted the raunchy bear in your personal photos.

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