Friday, July 13, 2012

Companies struggling to perform attribution and online/offline measurement

One of the holy grails for digital marketers is to be able to calculate the effectiveness of each stage of a customer journey and to optimise it to increase sales.
For Econsultancy’s Online Measurement and Strategy Report, marketers were asked whether they had a framework for analysing customer journeys that cross online and offline.
Although having a framework in place doesn’t necessarily mean that a company will suddenly gain insights that have an effect on the bottom line, it is a sign that there has been some thought on what questions need to be asked, along with what data is to be collected, and how it will be processed and interpreted in order understand what is happening during the customer journey.
Disappointingly, the proportion of companies who state that they have such a framework in place has decreased from 22% to 19%
Following the question about analysing and offline journeys, we also asked companies whether they (or a supplier on their behalf) perform any attribution modelling.
With increasing device and channel proliferation and consumers researching their products in often non-linear ways, being able to attribute marketing efforts properly allows the effective targeting of marketing budgets across various media.
Unfortunately, the proportion of companies performing attribution modelling has not significantly increased in the past year, with just 25% of companies stating that they do any kind of attribution modelling.

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