Monday, July 30, 2012

ComScore: Google+ Worldwide Traffic Up 66 Percent Since November

Traffic to Google+ has grown by 66 percent worldwide since November, and is up 82 percent in the US in the same time period.
ComScore confirmed the numbers with us this afternoon, and shared the following charts showing US and worldwide traffic to Google+ since the company began tracking Google+ last November. The figures are desktop traffic only; no mobile/tablet visitors are included.
These are positive signs for Google, but the numbers reflect traffic, not specific usage of the service. Google itself has been hesitant (an understatement on my part) to discuss true usage numbers for Google+, instead focusing on counting how many people have “upgraded” to Google+ accounts and discussing how many of these account holders use all of Google’s services.
Still, Google did announce a month ago that active users are spending 12 minutes per day in their Google+ stream — up from nine minutes per day only three months earlier.

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