Sunday, July 22, 2012

Consumers trust grocers most, Amazon twice as much as Facebook with personal data

When it comes to companies dealing with personal consumer data, grocery stores are most trusted of all.

Today Placecast is announcing results of a survey which reveals that U.S. adults are more than twice as likely to trust Amazon with their personal data as they are Facebook. Grocery stores were rated as the most trustworthy in terms of consumer data usage when compared with Facebook, Amazon, Google, and cell phone providers. 

The data comes from the third wave of a poll commissioned by Placecast and conducted online by Harris Interactive in February. The poll, entitled The Alert Shopper III, focused on Americans’ acceptance of various modes of marketer communication, including newer forms of contact through mobile devices. 

In this year’s wave of the survey, questions were added about relative levels of comfort with various uses of personal data in the online, offline and mobile sectors. 

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