Friday, July 6, 2012

Cross Channel Marketing Comes of Age.

By now, you probably have heard a dozen different terms related to cross-channel commerce, from omni-channel to channel-less. Regardless of the expression, the intent is the same and denotes various channels that are well integrated into a seamless shopping experience. No longer is the discussion about whether cross-channel is important as most retailers recognize that if their business is to have a future, cross-channel must play at least some kind of role. Retailers now know that increasingly, their cross-channel shoppers are just “shoppers,” and that their biggest challenge is how to merge the digital and physical selling worlds into one compelling seamless customer experience. 

RSR’s new benchmark report, Omni-Channel 2012: Cross-Channel Comes of Age, details how retailers have moved from accepting the notion that establishing a selling channel in the “digital” domain is important, to an understanding that consumers routinely use more than one channel to execute a single transaction and that all the selling channels need to work together to support the company’s brand.

Read the key findings of the report here and to download the full report, Omni-Channel 2012: Cross-Channel Comes of Age, please visit RSR’s website at

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