Thursday, July 12, 2012

Engagement with social media campaigns

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For marketers, negotiating your way down the social media campaign route certainly calls for a significant amount of research into how engaged your audiences are generally, at what times they are most engaged, and when your competitors are seeking to engage them too.
Facebook campaigns need to be viewed on a like-for-like basis. When are similar-sized companies to your own seeing the best engagement? Although it can certainly depend on the type and quality of content brands produce, day of the week and time of the day can have a significant impact also.
The same goes for Twitter, though followers display quite different engagement habits to Facebook fans. Additionally, followers are clearly turned off by ‘tweet noise’ – and just a few tweets a day from branded profiles may see better connections forged between followers and content.
For YouTube campaigns, investment in fewer quality videos is certainly more worthwhile than spreading time and money over a greater number of less-involving releases. Audiences, generally, have more time to engage with this content at the beginning of the week than they do at the end.
The accuracy by which we can analyse engagement is providing marketers with a wealth of information on how to get the best results. There is significant variation of engagement habits among different social platforms and it’s exciting to see how emerging networks will provide more surprising trends in the future.

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