Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Future Of Customer Experience.

The future of customer service is less about the people than it is the sound of a person or the virtual image of an individual.

Alex Williams  writes that humans are just so inefficient. But they can be improved, too, through interfaces that provide them more automated capabilities and further shares 3 Examples Of Virtual Assistants, Biometrics And Siri-Style Services as possible futurist trends:

Virtual Personal Assistant: Meet Lola. She’s a Web-based virtual assistant created by the BBVA, the Spanish financial services provider. BBVA has a long history of providing customer-centric experiences. Lola is known for her human-like understanding of what customers are communicating either through typing or talking into their computers.  The idea is to create a personal experience that is conversational and comes with a high degree of understanding between Lola and the people she is helping.
Biometric Authentication: According to Miller,  Nuance Communications and Chennai-based Uniphore Software Systems will focus on bringing speech recognition and voice biometric-based authentication to mobile banking throughout India.  The service has professional services resources to build interfaces with banking institutions’ or third-party back-office systems (such as CRM and transaction processing.)
Siri-Like Service: Dragon ID, also by Nuance,  is a voice authentication service that wakes up when it hears you talk. It can change accounts on a device based upon the voice of the person. That means a change from passwords we type to “passphrases.” The voice is the password. That has endless application in a customer centric environment. It means it make it easier to complete transactions. The voice can recognize you and complete a transaction with a mobile wallet application.

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