Friday, July 27, 2012

How are retailers optimising for tablet shoppers?

We've all seen the stats showing how tablet (mainly iPad) shoppers are spending more, converting at a rate similar to desktop, viewing more ads, and so on. 
For various reasons, the correlation between tablet ownership and disposable income being the most obvious, tablet shoppers are very valuable customers for online retailers. 
Despite this, there are very few examples of sites that have optimised for tablets, though a few brands have done so. 
I've been looking at the tablet optimised versions of eBay, Blackberry and Staples (all US sites). 

Possible UX issues for tablet shoppers

Generally, the e-commerce experience on tablets is acceptable. It's way superior to that of mobile, but falls below that of desktop, though it's much closer to the latter. 
According to a recent Econsultancy / Toluna survey of 2,000 online consumers, the user experience for tablets, rated across five sectors, was generally good or excellent. 

Tablet optimised sites


There is a tablet version of eBay at which contains fewer links than the desktop version, instead focusing on a search box and images representing the different sections of the site. 
Users also have the option of scrolling through the product categories in gallery mode, which some tablet users may prefer. 
You can also swipe to scroll through product images, though the experience very much depends on the size and quality of images uploaded by the seller. 

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