Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kraft and AT&T Connect With Fans in Social Media

Social media is known as a forum for people to interact with their favorite brands.  Coupons and custom applications are common ways brands drive “fans” to a page and reward them for interaction.
Recently a new trend is emerging on Facebook. Brands such as Kraft and AT&T have started rewarding fans with custom songs written specifically for those who have interacted with the brand page as a “Thank You” for their attentiveness.
Back in April, Kraft Mac & Cheese informed fans that they would receive a surprise for liking a specific status update. More than 4,600 people “liked” the status update and were later rewarded with a custom song performed the a cappella group The YellowJackets, which mentioned the name of every person who had participated. You can view the video here:

Brands such as AT&T and Kraft understand the need for custom content. Bringing consumers to social media pages is just the first step. Keeping them engaged and talking about your brand is the larger task at hand. By surprising fans with unique offerings such as a personalized song, a brand not only keeps consumers engaged with their page, but also encourages organic page growth through word-of-mouth endorsement.
Brands can learn a lot from the recent success of Kraft and AT&T. Take a moment and look at what your brand is doing with its social media campaigns. Are you talking to your consumers or with them?  How are you keeping “fans” engaged with your page? Are they liking the page and then not returning or are they coming back on a regular basis to see new posts?

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