Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mobile search accounts for 13% of spend but 20% of clicks

Data from Marin Software’s Online Advertising Q2 2012 report show that mobile devices accounted for 13% of search spend in June 2012, yet took a 20% share of clicks.
This tallies with data from IgnitionOne which shows that mobile search made up 14% of total search advertising spend in Q2, up slightly from 12.3% in Q1.
Similarly, Q1 stats reported by Adobe show that mobile now accounts for 8% of US search spend compared to 11% in the UK.
According to Marin’s report, mobile devices are also showing a higher CTR compared to desktops, as well as delivering lower CPC. Relative to desktop search, volumes are growing faster than budgets, resulting in less expensive clicks on mobile campaigns. 
This presents a great customer acquisition opportunity for brands, yet many are failing to take advantage.

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