Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Not yet but, voice technology will help shape the future of shopping

Last month Apple announced that updates to its popular Siri personal voice assistant are set to begin this fall. Smarter and more powerful than just a year ago, Siri can interact with many more apps. She has expanded her breadth of languages, and can research sports scores and stats, check movie times, find restaurants and make reservations thanks to greater domain knowledge.

The new “Eyes Free” feature that allows drivers to access Siri with the tap of a button on steering wheels created some noise, too — especially since automakers including Audi, BMW, General Motors and Honda have already signed up to support and offer it.

A few days later Android’s Robin made her debut. A natural-language, voice-activated navigator, Robin focuses mainly on driving-related tasks. She can proactively warn a driver about impending traffic or speed traps, help to locate parking and, as a result of learning a driver’s schedule and habits, provide relevant navigation information. Her knowledge stems from integration with Yelp, Twitter and other databases.

That all sounds great, but what, if anything, about voice technology is relevant to retail? Read Here

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