Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pillars of Personalized Marketing

In marketing, we talk a lot about personalization. Get to know your leads, provide them with materials that will help solve their specific problems, always strive for relevance. Well, this all seems easier said than done. You have a whole list of prospects – are you really supposed to get to know each one of them before you send out an email?

1. Be genuine. Your prospects are people too, and no one enjoys a cold, impersonal email and the obvious status of being one recipient on a list of thousands. A data analysis shows that email recipients are significantly more likely to read and click through on messages that include first name personalization.

2. Provide massive help. One of the best marketing strategies out there is simply finding ways to help your prospective customers. Presumably, you’re looking to sell them a product or a service that will in some way help them. But you’re not limited to signing them up as customers as the only way to help them, and in fact, you probably shouldn’t start there anyway.

3. Pay ridiculous attention. According to an Econsultancy study, less than 1/3 of email marketing companies regularly test their email marketing campaigns. Why is this an issue? Well, you’d be surprised how much one seemingly tiny detail can change the way a person feels about a company. For instance, let’s say you get an email from XYZ Inc. that begins, “Hello [FIRSTNAME]!” instead of “Hello Mary!” What are the chances you’re actually going to read the rest of the email, even if it’s written nicely and might contain useful information? Unfortunately, pretty low. 

4. Connect with people close to them. This is what network building is all about, isn’t it? Before you make a sales call, look up your prospective customer on LinkedIn and find out if you share any connections with them. 

5. Persistence wins most battles. The best, and smartest, way to be persistent in marketing is through lead nurturing. With nurturing campaigns, you group your leads based on the information you have about them – what pages of your site they’ve visited or what type of offers they’ve downloaded.

6. Make real friends. Alright, we all know the saying “It’s not personal, it’s just business.” But that doesn’t mean you can’t make your business personal! Get to know your best customers.

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