Monday, July 9, 2012

Retailers with great Facebook timelines

Some Examples of great timelines

While its cover photo is a bit of a jumbled mess, Tesco has made a good job of filling up its timeline with engaging visual content on a daily basis.

As you might expect, most of the posts are to promote new offers and discounts.
Furthermore the timeline includes all the brand’s milestones, including nostalgic TV ads, although some of them could be improved with the inclusion of images.
Tesco’s social team has also prioritised its new social apps above less interesting content such as ‘Notes’ and the 'Like' counter.
Argos’s cover photo is certainly striking, although if you haven’t seen its TV ads then it might not make much sense.
The recent activity on its timeline centres on the ad campaign, driving engagement by getting its fans to name the alien family members. One of the posts has clocked up almost 2,000 comments, so clearly Argos knows what its fans want.
Similarly, it follows best practice by placing its most engaging apps at the top of the page.
The one let down is the historical content included in the timeline, which is just images of old Argos magazines.

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