Monday, July 16, 2012

Rise of Social Business: it’s About More Than Just Marketing

Social media has quickly evolved from being an online tool for personal communication to a powerful marketing channel for business. Now, we’re moving one step further into the realm of social business. This is about those companies that use social media as a means of engaging with employees, suppliers, clients, the press. In other words, it’s about doing business in a very casual,transparent, and inclusive way.
FedEx and Ketchum have just released a new study that looks at the emerging trends in social business. The common thread you’ll see throughout the study is the expansion of social media from brand awareness to a relationship tool.
More than 50% of the companies in the study said they feel that their social media efforts have strengthened their relationship with their current customers and the general public. 40% said they use social to build relationships with partners and suppliers and many are using it as a means of improving communication with their own employees.

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