Thursday, July 12, 2012

Survey Suggests Brands Must Improve Online & Offline Integration To Stay Relevant

An important part of today’s consumer’s shopping experience is the integration of touchpoints over a variety of different media and information sources. Retail Integration Survey asked questions to track consumer behavior from in the store to the web and everything in between.

The meat of these findings is in the age group differences, suggesting that, yes, consumer shopping behavior does differ across demographics, and shopping experiences could possibly be tailored to reflect these patterns. 

We see as well that though technology is where the age gap lies, both the web and retail stores are important for all ages of consumer.

Major findings of the survey are:
  1. Technology as an information source is more popular among younger consumers. 
  2. Older consumers are more likely to find information in stores, though retail locations as an
    information source is strong in both groups.
  3. The biggest gap between older and younger consumers is in technology use.
  4. Younger consumers significantly outpace older consumers with social media use, and Facebook is king.
  5. Consumers have generally good experiences with touch point integration. 
  6. Older consumers have better experiences with touchpoint integration... or younger
    consumers have higher standards. 
  7. The web and retail locations provide the most valuable information to consumers of any age.

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