Thursday, July 26, 2012

Top Social Commerce Innovations From Around the Globe

Here are five recent innovative social commerce initiatives from around the planet spotted by the brilliant go-to resource for entrepreneurial ideas, Springwise.
Proof positive that there’s more to social commerce than social plugins on e-commerce sites and e-commerce stores on social sites.
How could you ‘jam’ these social commerce ideas to make them work for your business?
“Word of mouth is an essential tool in any company’s kit if used correctly. Californian fashion brand Volga Verdi were well aware of the power of the spoken word when they offered discounts to their customers based on the amount of contacts they had on social networks — the more popular the customer, the more discount they received. This clever campaign encouraged customers to increase their friendship base, all the while broadening the company’s pool of potential fans. Customers were also more likely to associate the Volga Verdi brand with the attributes of friendship — trust and kindness — thereby enhancing their brand image in one fell swoop”
“There’s nothing quite like a business venture that combines clever ideas whilst rewarding good behaviour. ChocolatierAnthon Berg managed just this with their sweet gifts being sold in exchange for acts of kindness. The use of iPads to replace tills meant that staff members could immediately post the good deed to the customer’s facebook wall, successfully sharing the person’s thoughtful act as well as marketing the brand”.
“There’s nothing groundbreaking in the idea of shops maximising sales during quiet periods by slashing their prices, however South Korea’s Emart added a touch of adventure to their discount offers. The Seoul retailer placed QR codes dotted around the city that could only be scanned between the hours of 12 noon and 1 pm each day. Between these times the QR codes were visible because the sun was at its highest in the sky, casting the correct shadow for the 3D QR code to form. Once customers scanned a code they were taken to Emart’s homepage where they could browse reduced price items and have purchases delivered direct to their door”. [reverse group-buy concept - the fewer who buy, the lower the price]

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