Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What Is A Brand Advocate?

The most desired yet often times most elusive type of customer that any marketer wants is a true brand advocate.
It’s that person is someone that is not simply acquired. They are an earned and genuine fan. Of course, that’s the way it really should be since buying someone or paying them isn’t advocacy. That’s just promotion and flimsy promotion at that.
Social media agency, Zuberance, recently did a report which looks at what they refer to as three surprising things about brand advocates. From the “I’ve gotta be honest here” department I will say that I wouldn’t find these things as surprising. Interesting, yes but not a shocker. Of course, would you look at an infographic that was titled “Three Things You Probably Were Might Already Be Aware of Regarding Brand Advocates”? Asked and answered. Enjoy.

Check out the Infographic Here

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