Sunday, August 19, 2012

12 FMCG social, digital, mobile trends.

What big trends are underway in terms of marketing and advertising in the FMCG sector? 

It is going to be the year of helping consumers empower themselves through mobile and social media platforms, of turning over cents and creating value, in short, of making peace with technology and its influence on the behavior of consumers, while taking steps to counter the continued effects of the Great Recession.

Following are the identified trends that are impacting the FMCG / CPG businesses:

  1. Mobile 
  2. Free access 
  3. Rising video and social communication
  4. More pre-purchase online research
  5. Online grocery shopping boom
  6. Healthier choices
  7. QR codes 
  8. More digital coupons and loyalty efforts 
  9. Social media needs to move beyond 'like'
  10. TVCs get shorter
  11. Affordable production alternatives
  12. Offline word of mouth marketing returns

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