Saturday, August 4, 2012

42% of mobile users have clicked an ad on the mobile web

Android shopping apps provide greater user satisfaction than iPad apps, and almost half of mobile users have clicked an ad on a mobile site.
These are two of the more surprising findings from Adobe’s Mobile Consumer Survey 2012, which surveyed more than 1,200 US mobile users in March.
It found that Android devices lead the way in overall popularity at 51% followed by iPhones at 38%. 
The numbers for Android devices are skewed even higher for the young age group at 58%, showing that marketers must ensure that their sites are equally optimised for apps and web browsers via Android devices as they are for iOS devices.
Here are a few more findings from the Adobe report.

Shopping for consumer products

When shopping for consumer products on mobile, Android users proved to be more satisfied with the experience than iOS users.
88% of consumers who shop using mobile apps on Android tablets report the highest levels of satisfaction compared to 71% of iPad users. Similarly satisfaction among Android smartphone users is 69% versus 66% on iPhone.
However the reverse is true when looking at the mobile web - iPad users reported the highest satisfaction levels at 75%, followed by Amazon Kindle at 73%, iPhone at 66%, Android tablet at 66% and Android smartphone at 60%.
The report also highlights the importance of designing a quick and easy checkout process for mobile shoppers.
An ‘easy checkout process’ was found to be the second most helpful criteria when purchasing on a mobile device behind ‘product information and price.’
We have previously blogged about mobile checkout best practice and reviewed the top 20 online retailers. Above all else mobile shoppers want simplicity and speed, so checkout processes need to be a frictionless as possible.

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