Saturday, August 11, 2012

9 Reasons to Quit Social Media Now

That may seem like a strange headline for a blog devoted to all things social media-related, but several news stories about social media have finally pushed , over the edge: Here is an interesting article by Erik.

"I have to share my own growing skepticism about social media from a purely personal perspective. Yes, social media represents an amazing advance in communications technology, which has opened whole new worlds of possibility in news, opinion, politics, entertainment, art, and activism -- not to mention marketing and advertising. And no, I don’t think anyone is coercing us to use social media, nor do I agree with people who claim that technology is “reshaping our brains” or “changing the way we think.” But there are still plenty of good reasons for limiting or even ending your involvement in social media.

I was inspired to write this by an article in the Daily Mail, which in turn cited articles in the German Der Tagesspiegel and suggesting that people who don’t have Facebook profiles are “abnormal,” “suspicious,” and possibly even psychopaths; the German article notes that neither James Holmes, the Colorado theater shooter, or Anders Breivik, who murdered scores of young Norwegians, had a Facebook profile, and the Forbes article observes that not having a Facebook profile will make potential employers think you have something to hide.

Enough is enough: I think it’s time to speak up for people who don’t use, or who severely limit their usage, of social media -- including myself (I know, it’s funny: a social media blogger who doesn’t like social media). We’re not psychopaths, we may be highly employable, and we have good reasons for not using social media. In our defense, here are nine reasons to rethink your own relationship with social media.

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