Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Mobile-Optimized Version of Your Website Is Not Enough

To reap the optimal rewards from changing market conditions, forward-thinking companies position themselves to leverage their digital assets to tap into the power of Mobile-Influenced Commerce.

To unleash the full potential of Mobile-Influenced Commerce , companies must integrate mobile with their social media strategy and brick and mortar/field sales strategy, to create a richer buying experience. They should:
  • Make sure physical locations offer Wi-Fi connectivity to customers who expect the ability to utilize their mobile devices to make more-informed purchase decisions.
  • Invest in improving dedicated apps or websites to attract, retain and convert smartphone shoppers.
  • Keep costs down by partnering with cutting-edge companies that can offer additional functionality, via API, to existing apps -to increase use and engagement levels.
  • Pull together the social media strategy, Wi-Fi access and app functionality to deliver shoppers to the company’s physical location,  engage them at the point of purchase and influence their purchasing habits.
    • Use new technologies to offer discounts and rewards, subscribe them to loyalty cards and invite them to take advantage of free memberships via mobile. 
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