Friday, August 3, 2012

Click here to find out more! CPG brands need to fully embrace the potential of digital women

According to the latest figures, there are 8.9 million women in the UK aged between 25-50 who have responsibility for buying CPG products for the home.

Of these, over 85% are online, with 60% of these internet users (4.7 million) using the web to search for CPG information. These so-called ‘digital women’ represent a significant and active audience for CPG brands and advertisers.

So far, so well-known. However, if you drill down a little deeper you will find that far from being a static bloc of consumers, digital women represent shifting sands to brands.

To understand the lie of the land and the drivers for this change, we recently undertook a study into the purchase and online search behaviour of women looking to buy CPG products across food & drink, beauty & bathroom, household and baby care.

It showed how the CPG landscape is changing and also points to how online is shaping women’s approach to purchasing CPG goods

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