Thursday, August 16, 2012

Consumers Are Losing Enthusiasm for Store Brands: Report

According to the report, entitled "The Evolution of Private Label Does Brand Name Really Matter?," in 2009, 34% of adults said they intended to purchase more private label foods versus year ago, but that percentage has dropped to less than a quarter of adults in 2012.


This does not mean private label products have failed to make progress over the last decade since the report finds that two-thirds of adults say store brands' quality is much better today than it was five years ago.

The report examines why private label servings may be up, but intent to purchase more private label is down, and finds, among the explanations, that consumers' store brand name awareness and identification remain quite low.

The report also found that while more private label end dishes are being served, consumers' loyalty to private label is still strongest in categories that are mostly used as ingredients.

There is indeed a certain percentage of consumers that buy private label with economic downturns because they have to save money, however, the term private label itself means so many different things across so many different types and categories.

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